International Women’s Day – a Reflection

Today being International Women’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to honor the contributions of the women in the CFK community.  I reflect on the strength that’s held in our sector and our organization through powerful women.

The cornerstone of the youth development and education sector has traditionally been supported by women, and that continues to be true today. We can see it reflected in the gender makeup of our staff, and across the schools in which we work. 85% of the principals in CFK schools are women, and many of their assistant principals are as well. For many of our students, having strong women like each of you in their lives as teachers and role models is inspirational, revolutionary – and necessary.  I honor you all as I honor a world of women today: for the strength to birth the world, the tenacity to raise it, and the perseverance to juggle the multitude of responsibilities associated with changing the world as we see it into one re-imagined for all.

Change for Kids will continue to celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth by honoring women leaders and educators, many of whom overcame childhood adversity. Women like LaDonna Harris, Shirley Ann Jackson, Ella Baker, and so many more. Join us by nominating an educator who changed your life.

-Kevin Ervin, Executive Director

One thought on “International Women’s Day – a Reflection

  1. It’s been a very long time but my teachers inspired me to become the person I became and i still remember my kindergarden , third, fourth and fifth grade and music teachers. i grew up in Harlem and was blessed to have them as my teachers. I am eighty years old but I just had to say this. Teachers are so very important and very special people. Please don’ think you’re not appreciated and remembered.


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