Volunteers inspire, coach and mentor our students, and enrich our school communities.

by Mesha Allen, CFK Volunteer Coordinator

26779548127_bdf5cb13c3_zThis is National Volunteer Month, a time that always makes me reflect on how grateful I am for the volunteers that helped me learn, who shaped my determination to make a difference for kids into my choice as a career. I originally got involved in volunteer work because of the impact it had on me as a child. I saw that positive role models cared about my well being, my education, and my future. Volunteers can serve as a catalyst to demonstrate to children that there are multiple ways to escape the cycle of poverty, inequity, and despair. Children have the future in their hands, and being someone who can help them mold that future is what the volunteers in our schools provide.

I was able to fuel my own drive to serve after my acceptance into AmeriCorps in October 2018. The AmeriCorps program consists of a network of local, regional, and national organizations committed to using service to address critical community needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment. I serve in a leadership and professional skills building program called Public Allies, which places its members within nonprofit organizations. I feel very lucky that my placement is with Change For Kids as the Volunteer Coordinator.

As an Ally, I use my leadership skills to help strengthen Change For Kids in addressing the real issues facing kids in NYC’s Title 1 elementary schools, including lack of access and opportunity facing thousands of families with young children. CFK believes that the road to success is to provide public elementary school students a holistic education that addresses their whole person, not just their academic performance. Change For Kids values our volunteers so much, because they inspire our students and enrich our school communities by supporting our efforts to improve literacy, social-emotional learning, and community engagement.

As a CFK volunteer, you are working to help create positive learning environments for our students, and strengthening our capacity to meet the evolving needs of our schools and communities. Our programs include reading and literacy, music, sports, arts and crafts, STEM, career exploration, school beautification projects, fitness activities, and so much more. YOU are the link connecting CFK’s mission to lead as powerful change agents, providing direct and valuable support to underserved elementary school children within NYC public schools, and making a long-lasting impact on their young and hungry minds!

At CFK, we invest in deepening relationships with volunteers and organizations who can help us provide us with the human capital and resources necessary to continue the critical work we do in public elementary schools. That’s why we value you so much, that’s why we encourage you to be part of our community of volunteers, and that’s why we are so grateful to all of our current volunteers.

Thank you!

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