A boy of many talents: CFK’s Got Talent Winner Tristan

by Monica LaBadia, Operations Manager


Tristan wowed the crowd at our recent talent show, CFK’s Got Talent with not only his math skills, but his dancing, and his basketball moves! Tristan sat down with CFK for a quick chat.

Name: Tristan

Age: 9 years old

Grade: 3rd

School: Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem

Talents: Math, Dancing, and Basketball

CFK: What’s your favorite subject in school?

Tristan: Math!

CFK: How did you learn your many talents?

Tristan: My Dad taught me basketball. I learned math from my Mom. Ever since I started school she would help me by asking me math problems at home.

CFK: What do you love about math?

Tristan: I like math because it is challenging. You can work hard to solve a problem and you will find the right answer.

CFK: What about dancing? What do you love about that?

Tristan: I love dancing because it is great exercise. I love learning new dances.

CFK: What was your favorite part of CFK’s Got Talent?

Tristan: My favorite part is when I was dribbling the basketball and everyone was impressed.

We sure remain impressed by Tristan, the boy of many talents! Tristan took home second place at our talent show two weeks ago. You can catch Tristan reprising his winning performances LIVE on Change For Kids’ instagram page next week as part of our #GivingTuesdayNow campaign. We’ll see you there!

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