Meet Kaylee of P.S. 6X!

by Monica LaBadia, Associate Director of Communications & Engagement

School looks different this year, that’s for sure. Have you been wondering what it is like for students right now? What’s it like wearing a mask to school, maintaining social distancing, or participating in remote learning?

At Change for Kids, we pride ourselves on engaging directly with students. Kids are agents of their own future, and often know exactly what they need.

So Travis Welcome, CFK’s Senior Director of Programs & Innovation, sat down with students at our longtime partner school, P.S. 6X in the South Bronx, and asked them what it has been like to go to school in 2020. Travis also asked them what they think about CFK’s Youth Engagement Center, where 200 students will have access to critical out-of-school care 10 hours per day, 5 days per week. 

Meet Kaylee, one of the rockstar scholars Travis was lucky enough to meet and interview.

Kaylee’s favorite subject is math because “you’ll need it in life to count money and pay your bills.” 2020 has taught her that “health comes first, then school.” She’s keeping social distanced and wearing her mask, and happy to be in school and staying healthy. But, she’s only in school some days of the week on a hybrid learning schedule. And Kaylee says she prefers being in-person at school, as opposed to remote learning at home, because she “feels like she learns more in person than online.”

When she’s remote learning, she says she misses “interacting with teachers” in-person. When Travis mentioned the upcoming CFK YEC, she imagines that it will be “more fun” than just “going home and doing homework” alone. She’s most excited to have a space to “learn more” and “move more” at the YEC. And on the YEC’s extended day schedule, Kaylee says she’ll have “more time to learn.” Now there’s an idea we can get behind!

Watch the whole interview below, where Travis and Kaylee talk about everything she’s feeling in today’s learning environment, and more about how excited she is for the upcoming opening of the CFK YEC!

Learn more about the CFK YEC and how you can get directly involved!

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