About Us

Change for Kids (CFK) is a child-centered youth development organization. We create opportunities for kids so they can overcome inequity. Through partnerships with public schools across New York City and mission-aligned companies and community members, Change for Kids’ vast network of Changemakers helps young people reimagine their future and develop the tools necessary to realize their potential.

All kids deserve every opportunity to be who they want to be – now and in the future. But it can be hard to stay hopeful when the odds are stacked against you. That’s why Change for Kids has partnered with NYC public schools for over 25 years to provide kid-centered programs that help over 5,000 young people per year discover their dreams. 

First, we invest in the next generation of leaders’ present and future through our school partnership model. We provide programs and resources that help kids develop the skills and cultivate the meaningful connections they need to boldly step into the future and open up the doors of possibility.  Through opportunities that expand their awareness beyond the familiar, kids will see what is possible for their unique future and be empowered to make them a reality. 

So, join us in investing in the future today by making a donation of critical funds. You can also check out our vast Digital Library of on-demand enrichment opportunities and entertainment. And don’t forget, you can volunteer with us, too!

Join us in helping kids overcome inequity and give them all a fair chance to realize the future of their dreams.